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RFID workstation™ USB

RFID workstation™ USB

February 9, 2018, Author: Site Builder

bibliotheca RFID workstation™ USB

small form factor delivers ultimate in convenience

Small form factor utilizes tiny spaces

We know space can be a luxury, so we’ve designed the RFID Workstation USB to save you valuable real estate on any surface you wish to convert or process library materials.

Ideal as an extra conversion station

If you’ve got an extra set of hands to put to work, this portable RFID workstation can easily be set up as an extra station during your conversion process.

Use on-the-go out in the community.

Portable by nature, the RFID Workstation USB is great to take on the road with you so you can offer quick and convenient transactions.

Harness the power of a laptop.

The RFID Workstation USB can be powered by USB, allowing you to freely work from any location, not just near a power outlet.