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mobile™ DLA

mobile™ DLA

February 10, 2018, Author: Site Builder

bibliotheca mobile™ DLA

actively manage your library collection

As a component of the RFID System, this cordless, handheld device instantly reads RFID Tags on library materials simultaneously, turning shelfreading, shelving, sorting, searching, weeding and exception-finding into routine tasks. Compact and easy to use, the DLA mobile can hold information on more than one million items. The ergonomic design and swivel antenna maximize comfort and minimize stooping. No more bending or stretching to read high or low shelves. And because it simultaneously performs shelf-reading, searching and inventory scans, it can save time, increase productivity and discover errors that might otherwise go unnoticed. The device can also quickly identify items that were not properly checked out, and it instantly detects the security status of materials. Start actively managing your library collection today with the state-of-the-art DLA mobile.